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Course details of the 2013 GORE-TEX® TRANSALPINE-RUN

Course Stats of the 2013 GORE-TEX® TRANSALPINE-RUN:

  • 261.30 km distance (horizontal)
  • 15,879 meters of ascent
  • 15,058 meters of descent

1. Stage: Oberstdorf (GER) – Lech am Arlberg (AUT)
34,6 km | 2.083m ascent | 1.469m descent | Start: 10am

The opening stage of the 2013 GORE-TEX® TRANSALPINE-RUN 2013 is probably a near-ideal warm-up to eight consecutive days of trail running. The course links well-known resort communities via two rather innocuous but still taxing mountain passes (2,214m and 1,688m).

2. Stage: Lech (AUT) – St. Anton am Arlberg (AUT)
24,7 km | 1.899m ascent | 2.040m descent | Start: 8am

The second stage traverses much of the famed Arlberg region, known to most for its world-class skiing. The day starts on extremely steep trails leading up to the summit of the Rüfikopf (2,339m), powder heaven in winter and trail paradise during summer. The day’s second climb to Valfagehrjoch at 2,543m will lead the racers to the top of the world-renowned Valluga ski-run, from where a steep downhill descends into posh St. Anton.

3. Stage: St. Anton am Arlberg (AUT) – Samnaun (CH)
38,4 km | 2.975m ascent | 2.431m descent | Start: 7am

The third stage is likely one of the hardest stages ever run in the course of the nine-year GORE-TEX® TRANSALPINE-RUN history. Nearly 3,000m of vertical gain over a distance of only 35 kilometres lie ahead of the racers. This translates into very steep, continuous climbs up two nearly equally high passes that top out at over 2,700m in the heart of Silvretta Range.

4. Stage: Samnaun (CH) – Scuol (CH)
37,1 km | 2.015m ascent | 2.698m descent | Start: 8am

With 2,015 m of vertical gain and nearly 2,700m of vertical loss, the fourth stage may seem a bit lopsided but 37 kilometers will certainly take its toll before the racers reach the spa community of Scuol. The trails touch the 2,700m mark twice that day, looping back into Austrian territory along the way to take advantage of the finest trails the area has to offer. Weather permitting, breath-taking panoramic views should provide lots of diversion.

5. Stage: Bergsprint Scuol (CH)
6,3 km| 947m ascent | 11m descent | Start: 10am

The uphill race from the Rhaetian town centre of historic Scuol up to scenic Motta Naluns at 2,130m is considered by most to be a rest day during the week-long trail race extravaganza. However, it lends itself particularly to specialized uphill sprinters who tend to give it all on that day for a potential podium position – making for an action-packed race day after all. The grind straight up the 6.3 kilometer trail will be well worth even for spectators – if only for the beautiful alpine meadows up high.

6. Stage: Scuol (CH) – St. Valentin auf der Haide (ITA)
37,8 km | 1.633 m ascent | 1.369 m descent | Start: 8am

The Sixth Stage finally marks the crossing of the High Divide and the arrival in the Southern Alps. Bella Italia beckons but it’ll be a long and difficult path to get there yet. Schlinig Pass (2,261m) forms the gate to the nowadays unmanned border crossing and taxes the racers with a climb of 1,633m – enough to start pushing the envelope of many racers who’ll start showing signs of fatigue this far into the race. The spectacle of Uina Canyon and the high alpine plateau in the heart of the Sesvenna Range will certainly make up for some of the toil but won’t be able to mask the anguish entirely.

7. Stage: St. Valentin auf der Haide (ITA) – Sulden (ITA)
42,6 km | 2.381 m ascent | 1.934 m descent | Start: 7 am

The penultimate stage of the 2013 GORE-TEX® TRANSALPINE-RUN 2013 will also be the longest of the race. The day starts with a lightning-fast downhill to Glorenza before the seemingly endless climb to Tabaretta Pass (2,903m) begins. Barely a notch lower, the Bärenjoch (2,871m) will challenge the racers’ concentration on seriously exposed trail sections with occasional fixed ropes passages. The ensuing final descent over 1,000m vertical into the resort community of Solda (Sulden) should feel like child’s play after that.

8. Stage: Sulden am Ortler (ITA) – Latsch (ITA)
39,8 km | 1.897 m ascent | 3.106 m descent | Start: 7 am

The final stage of the 2013 GORE-TEX® TRANSALPINE-RUN 2013 from the cool subalpine forests of Solda (Sulden) / Ortles Mtn. to sundrenched Latsch in Val Venosta packs two real superlatives: The high col at Madritschjoch (3,120m) will mark the all-time apex of the race and the highest elevation to be reached in the nine year history of the event. The seemingly endless downhill (3,107m drop) from there to the finish line marks another record – namely for longest continuing descent to date. Both highlights should add to the sense of accomplishment at the end of the race and fuel a furious finisher party.

For more information on the GORE-TEX® TRANSALPINE-RUN 2013 visit

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